My first yoga experience was in the mid nineties.

I am happy to admit that it gradually took up a larger space in my lifesituation, and is now a very natural part of my everyday life.

Since the body is always present, it works as a wonderful tool to anchor oneself with in the present moment.

Asana (bodyposture) and Pranayama (breathing exercises) are just methods of returning to this natural state of being or the heart.

I have teached yoga since 2004 both in Sweden and abroad.

Feel free to look at my CV for more info about my education and work.

For information regarding my classes, PT yoga, schedule etc., please contact me via email.

My classes are very allowing and relaxing, always focusing on the essence of yoga; a pause from the mental noise enabling you to become present in the body.
A way to get in touch with the body's intuitive intelligence and wisdom of the heart.                   



Ayurvedic body therapist
At Zence in Stockholm
-Ayrvedic philosophy
-Treatments: Abyanga, Vishesh, Shirodhara, Swedana, Garshana,
Ayurvedic back treatment, Shiroabyanga, Kalari head massage.

Ashtanga yoga course
With Pattabhi Jois in India.

Ashtanga yoga teacher training
With David Swensson in Scotland

Ashtangayoga teacher training
At Its Yoga in Stockholm
Certified by Yoga Alliance

Pregnancy yoga teacher training
With Elisabeth Sernander in Stockholm

Kids Yoga teacher training
At Its Yoga Stockholm with Ann Arnesson

Some other courses and workshops I have participated in:
Yin Yogaworkshop weekend, Inbalance, Stockholm
Mother/baby yoga weekend, Inuti, Stockholm
Vipassana ten-day silent meditation, two times in Sweden and one time on Ireland.
TM transcendental meditation, Stockholm
Reiki healing course, Hälsans hus, Stockholm
One-week lectures with Dalai Lama in
Dharamshala, India.
I spent four month on Bali where I frequently participated in various yoga, meditations and pranayama workshops and classes etc.                                                                   
I add that my love for being in nature has taken me on hikes in the Himalayas, Slovenia, Sweden etc. And I have also sailed across the Indian Ocean.

Since 2004 I have worked as a yoga teacher and also with Ayurvedic body treatments both in Sweden and abroad in places such as; Zence, Inuti, Yogayama, Inbalance, It´s Yoga, Fysiken, Hagabadet in Sweden, Iris in Greece, Purple Valley in India etc.